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    Calypso Cruise Halong  

Calypso Cruise Halong

CALYPSO CRUISE 02 DAYS    2Days/1Night  price: 138$$

CALYPSO CRUISE HALONG 03 DAY TOUR    3 Day 2 night  price: Contract us$










The myth of Calypso has been inspirited into the Calypso Cruiser. “Glamour” and “Grandeur” are best to characterize Calypso. The cruiser features 12 luxury cabins, all finely equipped, and exposed to the widest view of the Bay; a restaurant features a feast for the senses; and a panoramic sundeck allowing different activities with the beauty of Halong Bay as backdrop.

The Cabins - Confining fine bedding

Sized from 12.5sqm, all Calypso cabins are selectively equipped to confine fine bedding, and are well recognized with expansive windows to be exposed to the widest views of the bay. Acknowledging the views are constantly changing, the bathroom is also widely exposed to the views to ensure every moment of yours counts.

* Facilities
* Individually controlled Air-Conditioning
* Wardrobe
* Hot and Cold Shower
* Toilet Slippers
* Toiletries
* Fire Extinguisher
* Life hammer